Stub Shaft for Fuel Feeders

Ash Extractor Shear Wall

Ram Feed Table

309 Stainless Steel Generator Handcuffs
The 309 Stainless Steel Handcuffs were fabricated from our customer's original drawings. We had to make a specialized male-female die for our press break to form the nine, 2" diameter circles that create the tie down portion of the handcuff. The material used was 1/2" thick by 2" wide with an overall length of 67-1/2" long.

9" x 24'-0" Baghouse Screw Conveyor

Diverter Chute
The chutes were fabricated from 1/4" thick A-36 mild steel with 1/2" thick ARS-400 brinell wear liners welded to the inner legs. The top opening was 30" x 50" x 70-7/8" tall. The blade on the inside was also lined with two pieces of 1/4" thick ARS-400 brinell wear plate. We assembled the chutes with all of the pneumatic components to ensure the cylinder, limit switches, and cam arm were working properly.

Paper Mill Wood Chip Conveyor Feed Chute
Fabricated from our field drawings, the chute distributes wood chips from a 72" wide belt conveyor into a chip bin. The impact and wear surfaces are 1/2" thick ARS-500 brinell, the balance of the chute is 3/8" thick A-36 mild steel.

Hydraulic Grapple Bucket Body Rebuilt
Our customers six Tine Grapple Bucket tore itself apart, tearing the 1/2" thick steel body in two pieces as shown in the background of the photo. A new cylinder was rolled from A-36 mild steel with plasma cut access holes for maintenance of the hydraulic system. The top flange is machined to accept a seal ring for the rotating matching flange.

Shredder Diverter Feed Chute
Fabricated from 1/4" thick A-36 steel with the sloping walls and diverter gates being 1/2" thick ARS-460 brinell alloy steel. The gate shafts are 3" diameter, 4140 heat treated, T.G.&P. The feed chute is 94" tall with inlet dimensions of 54" x 65".

Rotary Air Lock Housing for RDF Waste to Energy Plant:

Ash Conveyor System:

Outside box frame was constructed from 1/4" thick A-36 carbon steel. Inside wear liners are fabricated from 1/2" thick ARS-460 brinell alloy steel for longer life. The overall dimensions of each section are 19 7/8" x 22 5/8" x 120" long. There were a total of 12 sections to make the overall length 120 ft.

Spray Dryer Swirl Vanes for Flue Gas System:
The material was upgraded from A-36 carbon plate to 309 stainless steel. The outside diameter is 74" with the center pipe having a 20 7/8" inside diameter. The vanes are 3/16" thick with a 20" straight height.

Air Duct Control:
Inlet and Outlet Butterfly Valve Damper Fabricated from 6" @ 13# per FT channel rolled to 30" inside diameter. The damper plate is ARS-460 alloy steel to resist erosion and corrosion.

Left and right hand conveyor Fuel Leveling Wheels:
The total diameter of the wheel was 8 ft. The paddles were fabricated from 3/8" thick ARS-460 brinell wear plate, with 1" thick A-514. T-1 back gussets. The shaft is 4140 alloy steel with sealed bearings. The frame is constructed out of 6" x 6" x 3/8" wall ASTM structural steel tubing.

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